I always think what should I write to impress others and they feel that I’m such a good writer that I can inspire others and relates to others and always In this try I write what I’m not truly feeling or if I’m feeling that I show the fake side of it..this showfulness of me taking me apart from what I want to do in my life actually it’s aparting me from myself..i think my one write up can make to go high and I give up on things which doesn’t give me praises..and I raises off my hands from my passion and feel like looser ..

Now I realise the problem is not my writing but the problem is me and my dedication towards my passion that is nil .. I’m not giving it full what it deserves and what I could give and always think I can’t do anything in my life
Now I realise I want to be dedicated towards my life and passion so that I could be an achiever and a leader of myself not follower of my own karma and others word

Dedication is what that can make karma bend their legs in front of you and I want to be that player who want her life to be her and I’m now ready and no one and even not me can stop me.


Narazgi thi tbhi to doori thi

Mohobbat hai tabhi dil bhi tumhare paas h

Dil ko main lafzon mein bayaan nhi kr ski

warna to narazgi ek pal ki mehmaan thi

Guzaarish na kr ske ki ruk jao

Kunki lgta tha dil dilo ki baat thi samajhti

Dil bhi mera aansu baha gaya doori se

Kunki aankhe to narazgi mein bhi beh rhi thi

Tumhe wo meri nafrat lagi kunki tumne zubaan ko pdha

Ek baar dil ko smjhte shayad jhuthi zubaan jhutti saabit ho jaati